Monday, November 12, 2012

Sewn Hats: Quick Snuggle Hooded Scarf

The weather here has turned decidedly more winter and low and behold my girls have outgrown all their winter hats.  I found this out when I tried to get them ready to be outside in 32 degree weather to 'help' Daddy collect firewood.  When their hats didn't fit, they got to wear mine, even though they were way too big, and I got to wear one of Daddy's.  The one Laurel was wearing kept falling over her eyes.  It was really cute.  Their coats have hoods. but they didn't want to stay on, so I knew I needed to break down and make something to keep their little heads warm.

Sometime this summer, I was given the book Sewn Hats, and from the start I knew I wanted to make the girls the Quick Snuggle Hooded Scarf by The Scientific Seamstress.

Right after lunch after we got back from walking down the hill in the cold with no hats (the car battery died while we were up there), I pulled it out and got to work.  I wanted to use my caterpillar fleece I used here, since it is so cute and it is the only fleece I've bought.  I had about half a yard and it called for two fabrics in half a yard each and I had two girls to make them for.  Wracking my brain, I realized I had a bunch of fleece blankets I rarely use and one that I've never even opened.  The unopened one was yellow and would be perfect to go with the caterpillars and I had a fun frog blanket and a gray one to use for the other.

The title says this is quick, but for me it wasn't.  My printer ran out of ink so it didn't print the last pattern page till I threatened it.  Then some things came up at my husband's work that ended up in my running around making a dozen beds and I didn't get back till it was time for dinner, then the girls bed time.  I usually don't sew after they go to bed because my sewing machine is in the room right next to them and I want to spend time with Michael.  All in all, I got one of the two cut out.

The next day we woke up to six inches of snow and still snowing, which tells me I had better get these hats made pronto.

Michael took this for my on his phone after dark.  I'm pretty sure those lines are the trails of snowflakes.
I got them done and love how they turned out!  I love how low they are on the back of the neck and thanks to the scarf part they stay on great.  They are so cute!  They make me think of winter bonnets.  The only change I made was that I top stitched around to help keep down the puff.  I like tidy seam edges.  


  1. These are very cute! And I can see where it would be easier for the kids to NOT lose thier hats. Which is always a problem for us. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You really should try making some. They work like a charm!


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