Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sew What Club: Taylor Dress

Sew What Club has another amazing pattern coming out.  It is the Taylor Dress, featuring a high-low hem with layers of tulle and the option for an overlay or a less fuss fitted pencil skirt dress.

Other than the layers of tulle, this a fairly simple dress to make and turns out fantastic.

The only change I made was shortening the tulle by 6 inches (I'm rather short) and shortening the main skirt a little, but left the lace length.  Now I want to make a version with more tulle and tea length.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

HCF Review

I was provided this supplement to review it.  The opinions are all mine.  I was not paid.

HCF or Happy Calm Focused is a brain supplement of amino acids that is intended to return a person's brain chemistry to how is supposed to be.  I found it wasn't very helpful for me, neither my husband or myself noticed an improvement in any of those areas, though perhaps with prolonged use, the effects could become more apparent.  

For the first week or so I noticed an large increase in headaches, which they do warn as a possibility while the brain is being cleansed and restored.  The occurrence did reduce, but I did notice more headaches than is usual for me the whole time I used it.

The supplement also has very specific instructions on taking it.  They need to be taken on an empty stomach with a large amount of water and not to eat for 20-30 minutes.  I found this to be very inconvenient on days that are rushed or short on notice when breakfast will be.  Because of this I wasn't able to take them daily.  Another down side is that they don't taste pleasant and I kept finding the taste to return throughout the day. 

Overall, I wasn't very impressed.  There are a lot of happy reviews, however I may just be an exception.