Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project Run and Play May:Summer Chevrons Shirt

This month for Project Run and Play, everyone is working with Crafty Cupboard's Summer Chevrons Shirt.  

For my version, I used knit and left off the elastic waist, because shirts like that tend to get caught on her little belly.  Since it was for her and I wanted a few minutes quiet while she rummaged, I let Laurel pick the fabrics.  The kitty knit is from an inexpensive 3xl tank top that I got to make something for the girls.  

By the time I took these pictures, she had already worn it several times (and at the end of a full day field trip with kindergartners).  I probably should have ironed it, but it is a shirt for a child and who has time for that.  I also only got these few pictures, though a couple are from the field trip, because the battery on the camera died.  It has been a long day.

The changes I made was to curve the neckline and not include the waist elastic or the button closure.