Friday, October 14, 2011

Skinny Jeans Now Toddler Jeans

I've been trying to make all the clothes for my daughter that she needs now that the hand me downs have run out.  So when my sister gave me a pair of skinny jeans that she didn't like I knew they would be perfect for Eleanor.  It was so easy.  I only have to cut of the bottom of the legs, add a place for her bottom to go, and a waistband.  The pant legs were the exact size I needed for her legs.  Why adults wear this style of jeans is beyond me.  They sound awfully tight and uncomfortable, but they worked out great as pants for a toddler.  The waist is a little chunky, but that is probably because I used the waistband from the original pants.  But they work.  I'll probably make her a tunic so the tops are covered up more.