Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sew What Club: Butterfly Dress

I hope it doesn't feel like all I sew anymore is from Sew What Club.  It just happens to be what I either need to take pictures of (for testing) or what I want to blog about.  I used their free pattern (for signing up for the newsletter) Butterfly Dress for the girls' Picture Day dresses.  I love the bows!

It was a really fast sew.  I was able to get both sewn in one day.  The fabric for Laurel's is Castles and Carriages and feels amazing and so soft.

  The girls love them and they turned out so cute. 

I've decided that this dress works best with a large print.  Without the belt, Eleanor's looks like a hospital gown.  It is still cute though.

Eleanor decided to get a little goofy at the end.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sew What Club: Sanibel Dress

The next pattern from Sew What Club is the Sanibel Dress/Romper.  There are lots of details and it can be made with long sleeves or short.  I made the dress version with long sleeves.

It is very comfortable, though I think next time I would lengthen the skirt.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sew What Club: Trouville

Sew What Club just released another women's pattern; the Trouville cover up.  It can be used on the beach as a cover up or wear it to town or even in the Fall throw on a cardigan and you are ready to go.

The fit on this dress feels wonderful and comfortable.  Other than all of those buttons and button holes, it is a fairly quick sew.  It has front and back yolks and you can add fun trims to the front yolk to jazz it up.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sew What Club: Lille

I recently made me a new dress using the Lille dress pattern from Sew What Club during testing for them.  It is a really versatile pattern in that it can be made casual or dressy so easily, just with fabric selection and accessories.

My version isn't 100% accurate of the pattern released since quite a bit of tweaking to the pattern was done after I made this one, but I still like it.  The contrast pockets are a fun addition; for them I luckily found the same green as the leafage on the bird fabric.  I had also planned to take nicer pictures, but the temperature outside was way too hot to brave it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sewing in No Man's Land: Taking Notes Skirt

This first blog that I ever started following was Sewing in No Man's Land.  Her oldest daughter is just about the same age as Eleanor so finding her tutorials for the cutest outfits in the size I needed was perfect, plus her photography is just amazing.  When I saw that she was looking for pattern testers for her Taking Notes Skirt, I jumped at the opportunity.

 I tested both the girls' and women's.  The pattern is lovely and so quick and easy.  Eleanor's has a curved waistband, ties and is simply gathered.  Mine has the straight waistband and box pleats.  

The Taking Notes Skirt is available to everyone who signs up for her amazing new project, Sew What Club, which is a monthly subscription to amazing patterns at a great price.

Also, my blouse was made from Ottobre 5/2013 #8 Girly Touch with the sleeves from #12 Peplum Blouse.  I really like it and the fit is lovely.  The placket was a horror to figure out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Review

A little while back, I was contacted by to do a review for them, so I got to do a little art shopping (they allowed me to choose one piece under $75 for free).  I found their website a bit overwhelming at first with all the options they have, to help with that I really had to think about what it is I want exactly, which was elegant, soothing and with a touch of whimsy.  After hours of searching, I narrowed it down to Summer in Bloom 

II by Timothy O'TooleLayered Butterflies I by Sisa Jasper, and Fields in Spring 1884 by Claude Monet.  I asked three people's opinions to help me figure it out, but they all picked a different one, no help.  Eventually, I settled on the butterflies with a light blue mat and glass.  There are lots of framing and matting options to customize for you.

I did have to wait a while for my print to arrive since it got damaged along the way, but the second time around there wasn't even a scratch on the frame.  It comes with mounting bar bracket things that are rather awesome.  They make it easy to hang the piece level and keep it level (no more constantly adjusting frames that have shifted).

Currently, it is hanging in my dining room, which was quite void of art.  Now there is a fun bit of color, that I don't have to fiddle with to keep level.  I'm really happy with it.

I've noticed that frequently have sales and coupons.  If you are looking for some art for your home, I suggest you look here.  They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Houzz, and Youtube.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project Run and Play May:Summer Chevrons Shirt

This month for Project Run and Play, everyone is working with Crafty Cupboard's Summer Chevrons Shirt.  

For my version, I used knit and left off the elastic waist, because shirts like that tend to get caught on her little belly.  Since it was for her and I wanted a few minutes quiet while she rummaged, I let Laurel pick the fabrics.  The kitty knit is from an inexpensive 3xl tank top that I got to make something for the girls.  

By the time I took these pictures, she had already worn it several times (and at the end of a full day field trip with kindergartners).  I probably should have ironed it, but it is a shirt for a child and who has time for that.  I also only got these few pictures, though a couple are from the field trip, because the battery on the camera died.  It has been a long day.

The changes I made was to curve the neckline and not include the waist elastic or the button closure.