Monday, May 29, 2017

Violette Field Threads: London

I've been doing a lot more sewing of late, so I really should remember to blog about them.  So I'll start with the two sundresses I made.  They both were made using London from Violette Field Threads.  You can get it for free if you join their Facebook group.  This is a great easy pattern.  The girls love how well the dresses twirl.

The first one I made was for Laurel to wear to her Kindergarten graduation.  I made it as the pattern stated except using the width of the fabric for the skirt and ruffles, because I didn't want to measure it out, basically being lazy.  The ruffles are also a little shorter since I didn't have enough fabric.

Eleanor's was made using the armhole template for the bodice so that I didn't have to fuss with cutting out armholes from the skirt.  Her skirt was also width of fabric and lengthened.  

This picture makes me think of Anne of Green Gables for some reason.
Both girls love their new dresses and they were really fast to make.  The bodices are great for using up scraps.

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  1. I agree, that last photo is too cute! Whimsical dresses!


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