Monday, November 19, 2012

McCall Pattern 5830 Vintage Pajamas

While making the pajamas I talk about here, I decided I should use the other pajama pattern I have as well, since I wasn't sure I'd like the drop seat idea (as amusing as it is).

These are really cute two piece pajamas from 1944.  I wasn't sure about the idea of buttons around the waist, but the more I look at it, the cuter it gets.  Plus with my new snap pliers they shouldn't be a problem or too time consuming for us or Eleanor getting dressed.  Once again, decided to go with the footie variation.

I used my fun fox flannel that I also got for $2.99 from Joann's.

This one took me a lot longer than the last one, but not because it was more difficult of time consuming.  It took so long, because I cleaned to procrastinate on it when usually I use sewing to procrastinate on cleaning.  I must be sick.  

When I finally got around to finishing, it took me two days to sew it up.  Again pretty simple, though there was one spot that was confusing and I did wrong, but turned out better for me in the long run.  The biggest problem I had was that I didn't think the snaps all the way through.  Apparently, in a couple places the buttons are supposed to go through two buttonholes.  It was fine for the two side ones (thanks to my earlier mistake) I just added two more snaps on the shirt.  But the snap on the pants in the center didn't have anywhere to go.  To fix it, I sewed on another kind of snap to the side of the other snap, making sure it can't be seen.  For the most part that helped, but that snap comes undone pretty easy.

Laurel wanted in on the action too, again.
In terms of fit, the top is good, but the pants remind me of clown pants and they could be a little longer.  These are a lot easier for diaper changes than these ones.  I also think they are cuter, but I'm going to try to find yet another pajama pattern to use my flamingo flannel with.

FYI, Laurel is still sitting there.  Eleanor decided that she shouldn't be in the picture.


  1. cute! I love the fabric! I would be honored if you shared this at my Ginger Jamboree Link Party!

  2. Don't you just miss the old pair of pajama top and pajama bottoms? I still have my old one when I was still a kid, I never took it out of the box and I still intend to keep it for my kids in the future.

  3. Oh, those are so cute! Isn't it fun to try out the old patterns?