Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sugar Baby: Crème Caramel

Otherwise known as flan, as I read through this recipe, I got pretty nervous with words like steady hands and immediately.  Being nervous was quite appropriate, since we had some difficulties.  It took us three tries to make the caramel sauce.  The first try we ended up with dry sugar.  All the water boiled out.  We tried again after doing a little more research.  This time we saw that it still was just crystallizing instead of caramelizing.  On the third try, Michael realized that we weren't getting it hot enough so we adjusted and it finally worked, only this time we probably over did it.  Then it took us too long to divide it up between the ramekins and it hardened up so we couldn't coat the whole bottom.  The custard part was pretty much just like the Crème Anglaise and went fairly smoothly.

Here they are before I removed them from the ramekins.

I had some difficulty getting them to come out, but out they came.  I think it is so cool that it looks like this one has a heart on it.  As you'll notice the rock hard burnt sugar liquefied somehow.  It came as a complete surprise to me.

None of us really enjoyed the end results.  I found the custard to be too egg like in its taste.  The best part was the caramelized sugar sauce and I would have like that to be a little less runny.  We probably won't be making this one again.

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