Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sugar Baby: Gelée Shots

The latest recipe to be conquered was Gelée Shots.  It was the first recipe I thought was fun to do and as a plus it was super easy.

Since we don't drink alcohol (and this recipe doesn't cook it all out), we changed the recipe just a smidgen   Instead of champagne or hard apple cider, we used regular apple cider.  And since we were using apple cider we used apple bits for the fresh fruit in the middle.  I forgot apples float so we should have put them in before we let the first half set so that they wouldn't rise to the top.  It was still pretty and it was so much fun to watch the apples bounce on the gelatin.

I think we will probably make this again experimenting with different juices and fruits.  It would make a lovely and tasty dessert for guests.

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