Monday, October 29, 2012

Tired to say the least

Last night (or rather this morning) I got a grand total of 1 hour sleep.  I wasn't very thrilled to have to take care of my two girls on that little sleep.  Since I was born, I've suffered from insomnia and one would think I would be used to running on so little, but I still get pretty grumpy and have a really hard time thinking.  I felt so bad for the girls having to put up with that today.  

So it was wonderful when a few things happened today to help cheer me up.  First I found out I sold two items from my etsy store and I also had an email asking about customizing a flower play mat.  So that made me pretty excited, then when Michael got home (also super wonderful), he handed me my latest issue of Ottobre Design.  Then after the girls went to bed, Michael and I had our Sugar Baby Date Night.

Now I'm considering getting some ice cream and wait for Michael to finish his homework so we can snuggle and watch his Star Trek.  I hope you have a lovely night's worth of sleep!

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  1. Ugh, I hear you on the insomnia! My mom's told me I was an insomniac even as a tiny infant. Can't shut the mind off, hehe! But I've slept wonderfully ever since discovering melatonin (what your body is supposed to produce to make you sleep). Too bad it took me more than 30 years to discover it!


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