Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC: Final Results

This week turned out really productive!  Days One and Two, I was able to get two patterns traced out for the much awaited fabric.  

Day Three, I traced another pattern and cut out the pieces from fabric.  

Later that day, one of my packages of fabric came! Yay!  The only downside was that one of the fabrics I ordered mysteriously decided to become a blue damask home decor fabric instead of a blush pink stretchy cotton.  I've only been having problem after problem with this month's fabric orders, but that is way too much drama to go into.

Day Four, I was able to make a little progress on the top and got my new denim prewashed for Eleanor's new pants.  I also got my other box of fabric I had been waiting for.  I can't wait to make her the vintage footie pajamas, but they have to wait till after I make her pants.  I think she is down to one pair of pants and they might also be too short.

On Day Five, I spent extra time sewing (aka procrastinating on cleaning) today, since I knew I wasn't going to sew on Saturday due to it being our Sabbath and going to Michael's brother's birthday party till late at night.  The shirt is finished, though, except for the elastic shirring around the waist, since I don't have any elastic thread.  I even asked Michael to pick some up this week, but the Walmart employees had no idea what elastic thread was.  

I love how the shirt turned out so far.  If you haven't tried Ottobre Designs, you really should.  Their patterns have such amazing little details that really make the outfit and their directions for finishing really make it look professionally done.  I find it great that most of their items look like more everyday kid comfortable that you could find in most any store, in contrast to lots of sewing patterns that seem to be ultra frilly and ruffles galore.  Don't get me wrong, I like ultra frilly in the right time and place, but I find it hard to incorporate in regular every day wear.  Anyways, back to the shirt.  Eleanor loves it!  Lately, she has been really into princesses and crowns.  She even makes some out of her Duplos.  And I thought that the main fabric was perfect, since it has little crowns on it.  When she tried it on, she pretended to put on the crown.  It was so cute!

Day Six. Sabbath and party.  (I had to include Day Six, even though I didn't sew, because I'm too OCD to not to). 

Day Seven, I got one pair of jeans cut out.  I'm using a light weight denim so that they will be comfortable for her and not too stiff.  I'm not to keen on the pocket the pattern has so I'm going to try the Bow Pocket Tutorial by Simple Simon and Co.  Hopefully, it will turn out super cute.


Maybe later on today I'll get more done on the jeans, but for now I am just going to read a story to my girlies.


  1. Cute top! How did the bow go? I haven't seen that tutorial before- very tempting!

    1. Thanks! I haven't gotten that far on the jeans yet. I only have the denim cut out, but I'll be sure to report on them when I finish!


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