Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sugar Baby: Dulce de Leche

Our next date night we made Dulce de Leche.  At first I decided we would make it from scratch but decided it would take too long and since we are doing all our candy making after the girls go to bed, the faster the better.  So we went with her Option #2 and as I call it, The Cheaters Option.  Basically, just boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk forever.

When we poured it out of the can the top portion wasn't done enough (tasted like macaroni and cheese with a caramel after taste), but the stuff on the bottom was done, so we mixed it all together in hopes of evening it out more.  If it wasn't 9:15 at night, we probably would have let it boil longer, maybe next time.

We only had a small taste that night and decided we needed to try it with apples.  Michael thought it was alright with them and a friend tried it seemed to really enjoy them.  It wasn't really to my liking, but I'm super picky, so you shouldn't skip trying it based on my opinion.

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