Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sugar Baby: Rock Candy

The first recipe we tried was Rock Candy.  If you want to make your own I found a fairly descriptive blog post about it here.

My only memory of eating it was on a family trip to Wisconsin.  We stopped at Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota and my daddy bought us all some.  I think mine was purple, since it was my favorite color at the time.

It was pretty easy to make, if you don't mind being patient.  We choose to do the tooth pick method instead of string so that we could get more individual candies, instead of just two large ones.  The only problem we had (other than my husband not realizing the recipe continued onto the next page) was we forgot to dip the tooth picks in extra sugar after dipping in the sugar water.  If we had done that I think we would have seen results a lot sooner, as it was we didn't start seeing any (teeny tiny grains of sugar sized) crystals forming anywhere till 5 days after we made the sugar water.

Finally, 10 days after we started we gave up and took them out.  They are definitely mini rock candies.  We also spooned out the crystals that were forming on the surface to get the most from it we could.  It looked like Michael was taking out ice.

Despite being so tiny, they do taste like I expected them too, pure sugary goodness.

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