Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC: Getting Started

I decided to join a ton of other people in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Everyday this week, I will be spending at least one hour doing something sewing related to make clothes for my girls.  At the beginning of the month I ordered a bunch of fabric, since Eleanor needs pants and warm pajamas pretty desperately.  I wasn't planning on participating, but I figure I have all this fabric coming (hopefully soon) that is going towards kids clothes anyways, so I might as well.  While I'm waiting for some boxes to come in the mail I'm going to work on getting ready for some major sewing.  I need to trace a couple patterns from my Ottobre Designs magazines for her pants and a sweater and maybe a shirt pattern or two depending on how much I get done before my fabric comes.  Hopefully this turns out to be a fairly productive week!

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