Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sugar Baby: Crème Anglaise

For the fun of it (and I don't know how to put those fun little accents above letters), I looked up crème anglaise and according to Wikipedia it is "French for "English Creme"".  I found that pretty amusing.  Anyhow, with this recipe we had tons of options, from eating it straight like a soup to crème brûlée.  We decided to go with pain perdu or more commonly known as french toast.

This was the most involved recipe so far with a lot of whisking on the stove and in the mixer.  After what seemed forever, it was finally done or at least ready for us to make french toast.  I tasted it and it was like a soupy vanilla pudding.  I'd say fairly good.

Next, we dipped slices of french bread it and fried them.  As far as french toast  goes, this was pretty good, but I don't think it was quite worth all the work that went into it.  

So basically, we thought that this was a great recipe if someone is willing to do it for you.

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