Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Run and Play Sew Along Week 4

Love is in the Air is the theme for this week at Project Run and Play.  My main inspiration for this week was this super darling stuffed robot toy.  

I couldn't find where it came from, but I did find where someone made one just like it and shared how here.  I started with her measurements traced on paper, but cut one head piece, one body piece and four hand/feet pieces as well as a little heart.  I played around with them on a t-shirt and cut some smaller till I found something I liked.  (I was going to use ric rac for arms, but liked it better without.)  

Head: 1.5 inches square
Body: 2.5 inches square
Arms and Legs: 1 inch square

Then I cut those sized pieces from fusible web.  I ironed the body pieces onto some white knit and the heart from a scrap of knit from the shirt and cut those out.  Next, I positioned them in the center of the t-shirt front, stitched them down on the sewing machine.  

For the next part, I used a technique I also found on Pinterest, where she colors in her embroidery with crayon and irons it to set it in.  

I then added buttons for eyes and a bow.  I nearly added a skirt made from ruffled lace, but couldn't make up my mind.  I also used a back stitch with embroidery thread  to make the mouth.

I used the Elise pattern again from Violette Field Threads, this time with the short sleeve option.  I really love it, because it is so fast and easy and fits Eleanor really well.  This will be her third shirt made using it.

For the skirt, I used the pleated skirt tutorial from here.  I've wanted to make it since I first saw it, around the time it was posted.

I made it in the same fabric as the jumper from here.  I'm trying really hard to use it up.

I really like the buttons on the sleeves.

As well as on the skirt.


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  2. That robot Appliques is so fun! The details on the skirt are great, and I can tell that she loves it!
    great job Momma!
    with love

  3. I love the robot! My daughter loved robots at that age and I just think the applique is such a cute idea.

  4. Following from Take-a-look Tuesday at Sugar Bee Crafts.

    What an adorable shirt! Loving the step-by-step and tutorials. Thanks for posting these!

  5. Plush robot was created by Little Brown Byrd Creations on etsy

  6. How can you not love a robot shirt? So cute and I agree with you, the buttons on the sleeves are a cool addition.

  7. What an adorable outfit! I love the robot. :)

  8. Cute.........!!!!!!

  9. Awesome...!!!!!!!!!!


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