Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waves and Whales Dress

When I saw that Project Run and Play was getting ready to hold auditions, I knew I had to come up with something for it, since I haven't sewn anything but pajamas in recent history and it is a dream of mine to compete on it.  So many ideas went through my mind.  I considered dress up dresses of all kinds including using a scalloped vintage apron pattern as part of the skirt.  

Then I decided to go with something more everyday wearable.  My sister gave me a little bit of vintage fabric for my birthday.  I thought it might be enough for a skirt and I remembered Laurel's outfit she wore for her party.  It was an overall dress with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, super cute!  That was just the right thing.   First, I was going to use an overall pattern and turn it into a dress, but I didn't quite like how I pictured it would turn out.  So next I remembered one of my Ottobre Designs had what I thought were overalls, but they were pants with suspenders.  I almost started with that and worked it into a jumper, but again it wasn't quite right.  So I decided to see what I could find on pinterest (nothing) and then google images.  Finally, I found the perfect pattern and it was a free tutorial!

It was Untrendy Life's Stitch In Color Summer Dress!  I paired a fun whale fabric with turquoise.  Instead of binding, I used orange jumbo ric rac.  Her tutorial was really easy to follow, except I was a little confused on what size to cut the front, so it is fairly narrow.  I might seam rip it and redo it later, but knowing me, probably not.

For the shirt underneath, I used Violette Field Threads' pattern Elise Shirt.  It is a great pattern, because it is super simple and has so many options.  I was going to make leggings to and even cut some out, but when I tried the shirt on Eleanor, I decided that more color would be too much.

She was startled by the popcorn popper being turned on.
Over all, I love how this outfit turned out and Eleanor does too.  She calls it her princess dress.


  1. Fun dress! It looks so cute on her. :)

  2. adorable!!!! So cute! I am popping over to check out the run and play competition :o)

  3. Very fun dress! I bought that same fabric at Walmart and used it to make a circle skirt for my daughter. :) (But don't do that because all the whales are one direction, so on the sides of my skirt the whales are sideways and in the back they are upside down! lol) I really like it paired with the calm turquoise fabric.

    1. Ha ha, thanks for the tip. I have 2 and a half yards left to use.

  4. The whales are darling and I love the criss cross back!

  5. Love the colors in this outfit. So cute!

  6. I had a dress the exact same colour of blue, with the exact same back as this dress when I was about this age :) Love it!!


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