Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lonesome for Laurel

This weekend my parents came over a decided to take Laurel with them for some special time.  Eleanor was pretty bummed about it.  She even played with one of Laurel's dolls all day the first day, calling it Laurel.  While I was trying to get some data entry done for camp she told me she needed to make a dress for the doll, so I gave in. 

 I used the same pattern that I blogged about here and let Eleanor choose which view and a fabric.  She picked view two, which is a cute little sundress, and some pink fabric that was some of that tiered fabrics with elastic that are basically instant skirts.  I seam ripped a couple of tiers for the doll dress and with the remaining, it was just the right width for a skirt for Eleanor.

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