Monday, January 21, 2013

Chore Chart

Soon after the start of the new year, my husband and I put together a chore chart for our girls, to help us be more accountable for having them help routinely.  I looked at lots of free versions and choose one that I thought was really cute and fun and as it turns out the girls think so to.  

It was so easy to put together.  I just printed out all the sheets (two of the chores, since we have two children) and cut out the pieces.  Then I put a little glue stick on the chores to keep them from sliding while I laminated them, cut them out again  actually I got my husband to, hehe) and put a little bit of adhesive magnet strip on the back.

The girls love it!  When we ask if they want to do chores, they cheer and get so excited and run to the fridge to see what they get to do.  Then after they finish it we return to the fridge so they can get their 'scoop' to put on their cones.  We only started with a few to see how it would go and to not overwhelm them, but it is going great so I may add a couple more soon.

If you are curious, we have Eleanor (age 3) feed and water pets, brush hair, make bed, read, pick up toys, and brush teeth.  Laurel  (age 2) does all of those except feed pets, instead she gets to nap.  The next chores I'll add will be clearing and setting the table at each meal.  We already have them help, but it can be a struggle that I hope their chore chart could help fix.

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