Monday, March 24, 2014

Project Run and Play: "Put Me in the Zoo"

With moving basically done and living with my parents, I have a lot more time for sewing so I'm going to do my best to do the sew a long for Project Run and Play.  The first week's theme is "Put Me in the Zoo".  I thought about doing kitties, mice,or giraffes, and somehow got thinking about ants.  Ants led me to thinking about picnics.  So my idea was a red gingham wrap skirt with a curved front with ants along the edge going up to a shirt with a picnic basket.

I thought I had a pattern for a wrap skirt that I could adjust easily to the shape I wanted, but it turns out it was just a pleat.  So I did a mash up of Ruby Jean's Twist and Shout Skort with Violette Field Threads' Vivienne Skirt.  As much as I love the ruffles on the Vivienne skirt, I wanted something more play/picnic friendly.

I really think the ants make the skirt.  They are so fun!

For the shirt, I used the Seesaw shirt pattern #17 from Ottobre (yes again, I love my subscription!) from the 3/2012 issue.  The flutter sleeves are so fun.  I made the smallest size, but added length to where her heights suggests.  As it turns out, she must have a very long torso, because I should have added more length.

 Luckily, Laurel has the same waist size.  So the next time this is worn will probably be by Laurel.  All in all, I love it. 


  1. love the ants! I've sewn that top up several times, and it runs VERY short. I normally add at least 3''.

  2. What a fun outfit. Love the picknick skirt

  3. I love the ants! How did you create them?

    1. Thanks! My sewing machine also does embroidery so I found a free ant design and just repeated it all around the skirt.

  4. That is very cute and fun with the ants. Lovely job!

  5. What a cute idea with the ants! And then to use the checkered fabric. Love it.

  6. Very cute! I've been toying with using the Vivienne Skirt for this season of PR&P too!


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