Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ottobre 1/2014 #25 Funny Faces Dress

When I saw Sew McCool was doing a sew along for an Ottobre pattern, I knew I had to follow along, especially since it was one of the patterns I wanted to make anyways. 

I made Design B, because I love bows and have way more woven fabrics than knits.  I used a synthic fabric that I had leftovers from to try to use it up.  It was such a pain to work with; slippery, but stiff and frays like crazy.

I just realized I didn't get a picture of the hem.  There is a hem band that peeks out a quarter of an inch of pink gingham to give a faux piping look.

I learned my lesson and am now going to start tracing patterns based on Eleanor's waist size and just add length.  She is so skinny and tall.

I also got a free swatch of silk from spoonflower so I turned it into a bow.

You can find the round up of the sew a long here.

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  1. The dress turned out adorable!! I love the sleeve bows, too. Isn't this a comfy little dress? So easy to wear. So glad you followed along! - Deanna {sewmccool}


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