Saturday, March 29, 2014


This week the bathroom has turned into a battle field thanks to some termites.  We are having to gut the whole thing.  So that has taken most of my focus.  Bye bye sewing time. 

On the bright side, Laurel is officially potty trained.  I finally got to turn off the 'potty alarms' on my phone.  Now if only we could get them night time trained.

Eleanor has gotten really into taking pictures and videos (especially videos) lately.  She would tell me to get back to work in the bathroom so she could make a video.

Laurel has decided to be a picky eater.  She used to be great and eat everything, but not anymore.  Usually, once she tries something she finds out she actually does like it and often she has to go through this process with the same foods over and over.  Last night, we finally got her to eat her bowl of tomato soup without bribing her with crackers after each bite.

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