Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mom Shirt Re-purposed to Kid Pajamas

This is one of my recent projects I thought would be fun to share today since tomorrow is Earth Day.  It is a good re-purpose project.  

One of the shirts I've had for quite some time decided to develop a hole near the hem so I thought it would be fun to turn it into pajamas for Eleanor (although with all her growth spurts lately they should probably be going to Laurel already).  I tried to find a picture of it in it's first life, but couldn't so you only get to see Eleanor.

It was one of those kinds a shirts made to look layered.  I seam ripped off the tan deer long sleeved section and used another pair of pajama bottoms to get the right cut for the top part of the leggings and used fold over elastic at the waist.  I used a pajama top to cut out the main part of the shirt.  I made sure to use the neck as is, because I'm not too fond of doing binding.  For the sleeves, I left the hem intact and just cut off all the old seams, then gathered it and sewed on.  The bottom of the shirt was left not hemmed to give it more length (needed thanks to a growth spurt).

They are some pretty fun pajamas.  I love the deer and apple tree!  I just need to figure out more clothing for her or rather find more time to sew more clothing for her and apparently Laurel is going through some spurts of her own.

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