Monday, September 17, 2012

Elysium Pattern Underwear Style Training Pants

Recently, I bought a pattern in preparation for potty training (again).  We've tried Pull-ups and hated them.  We've tried panties only 3 day methods and had a huge breakdown.  So now that the girls are having tantrums wanting to use the potty, we are going to try again.  I wanted to try training pants so that it is a little less stressful than just panties and less messy, but it had to be reusable and inexpensive. I searched for hours upon hours for a free pattern online that I liked the look of and that I thought would meet my needs.  I gave up on that.  Finally, after more hours of searching on Etsy, I decided to give this pattern a try.


I liked the look of Elysium's Underwear Style Training Pants and loved that it could be used to make regular panties later.  So I gave it a try.  It was so easy, which was great, since I needed to make twenty pairs.  I never had a chance to time how long it takes from start to finish (thank you my darlings), but they felt very speedy when I had a chance to work on them.  The directions are very easy to follow with lots of pictures.  I would say even a beginner at sewing could make these.  The only problem I had was knowing which size to do was really unclear.  I ended up making a test pair that I was pretty sure would fit at least one of the girls and then try it on them.  After that I had a much better idea of which sizes I needed.

For the most part I used what I had on hand to make them.  I used a bunch of old t-shirts and out grown/ holey/ stained baby sleepers.  For the soaker part, I used three layers of scrap cotton batting.  The only part I paid for  (besides the pattern) was elastic.  I did change one thing in the pattern which was that I changed the soaker part by adding a water proof section that I cut from an old jacket to help keep down messes.  In whole, this was a very inexpensive way to get a bunch of training pants.  

My opinion is that this is a great pattern and the girls love how they look.  The girls have worn them a little in a very casual go at potty training and they do help prevent big puddles on the floor.


  1. cute!! I added some appliques to training pants this week!

    1. Adding appliques is a great idea! Your's are super cute.