Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ottobre Design: #27 B 3/16 Retro Swimsuit

Eleanor has grown out of most of her summer clothes so I have been busy trying to fix that.  A few weeks ago I made her five pairs of shorts that I should share if I ever get around to photographing them.  

Yesterday, she had a water party at school so that meant she needed a swimsuit.  I started the weekend before, but had sizing issues so ended up making the final product all on Tuesday. 

I used Ottobre Design design 27 B from issue 3/16.  It has a cute little skirt and criss cross straps and the other version has ruffles along the top.

It was a fairly easy sew and will probably sew another one, especially since I have one all cut out and started that turned out to be way too big for her.  Eleanor is so hard to size since she is 118cm tall but her waist size puts her in the 92cm size.

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  1. this is so cute!! You did a great job. I love sewing suits because my DD is so modest and the ones in the store.... aren't!


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