Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week we finally got enough snow and nice enough weather to play in it.  (Sadly it only lasted a day.  It started melting the very next day.)  I've been waiting all winter to have a chance to let the girls play in snow.

Eleanor was so excited to make snow balls.

I love the smile on Laurel's face here.

We even got to make the girls' first really snow man.  They were so sad to see that it fell over the next day due to the melt.


  1. I'm sitting here sweltering in the middle of an Aussie is very strange to see pictures of snow and children all bundled up in coats! Looks like they had a very fun time!

  2. Cute photos! I wish it would snow here! Your girls are adorable and it looks like they had so much fun!


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