Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mama Says Sew Eva Dress Pattern

While I was visiting my grandmother for the last time and waiting for her memorial service, I was given a welcome distraction to test Mama Says Sew's newest pattern, the Eva Dress.  It was quite interesting using my mum's new sewing machine and borrowing tools from my sister to be able to make it.  While buying fabric with my sister, I told her I need something somber, but playful enough for a little girl.  I think we achieved it.

I used a navy blue with shiny silver snowflakes.  The yoke and ruffles around the hem and sleeves is a white with navy blue polka dots.

It is so cute and perfect for the holidays!  It can also be made as a top and there are different sleeve length and hem finishing options.  Terra is going to be releasing it on Black Friday, and it will be on sale for $5 with the code EVA2OFF. The sale price will be effective through Monday.  On Tuesday, it will go back to the regular price of $7.  For a super cute pattern on sale go to her shop here!

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  1. That fabric is darling and just perfect for the holidays! The ruffles are just the perfect size!


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