Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thimble Berry Goodness!

As you know I live at a summer camp next to a lake.  Well, all around our house and the back acreage of camp has thimble berries.  Last year, I decided to try making jam with them and found out that we really liked it.  So I decided I'd do it again this year.  This morning we woke to buckets of water falling from the sky.  So there went my plan to pick them today.  Luckily, the sun came out in the late afternoon.  While my husband watched a movie with the girls, I went out and picked as many as I could find.  I wandered all over our backyard area and down the back dirt road.

(After a quick tick check, yuck!) I washed them all up in a vinegar wash (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water) to kill any possible mold, bugs, and disinfect, thus helping them to last longer.  Then I put them in a container and froze them till I feel I have enough berries and time to make jam.  

When I do go to make it, it is super easy.  Here's the recipe:

 Equal parts berries to sugar
Boil for 2 minutes.
Pour into jars and let it set up.

That's it.  Super easy.  Be sure not to boil too long, otherwise it becomes impossible to spread.

This fall, I want to pick huckleberries, since we have those too and make jam from those.  I hope to have enough for gifts at Christmas.  

I hope you enjoy all the great food nature has to offer this summer!

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