Monday, May 7, 2012

Teaching at Home

Today, we've started homeschooling with the girls.  I'm terrified, but I think it will be alright.  I found a fun preschool curriculum of sorts that I think is going to be wonderful.  It is called Before Five in a Row.  It is basically an activity idea book for children ages 2-4 based on a bunch of fantastic children's books.  It is designed to prepare a child for learning while maintaining the wonderment of childhood.  Since Eleanor absolutely LOVES being read to, I thought this was perfect for us.

I bought the book from their suggested retailer before realizing I could get it for much less on other sites.  Oh well, live and learn.  But I did make up for it when I bought several of the children's books.  I bought a couple of lots on ebay, sold the duplicates again on ebay and got back almost what we paid for one of lots (yes!).  Some of the books recommended are out of print so I'm having a harder time finding them for a decent price.
There are a lot of other blogs out there using B4FIAR and have some great ideas and printables for all of us.  I go to them and pinterest for inspiration.  Then I plan everything out for the book I'm using each week with this great online lesson planner called PlanbookEdu.  They offer a free basic service.  It is really helping me keep track of everything I'm wanting to get done with each book/week.

We are starting out with Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?,so I'll let you know what we do and how it goes.

Wish us luck!

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