Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Three Little Pigs' Pajamas

I was going to post about one of my latest projects, but when I went to edit the photos I realized I didn't take any of the finished product.  Since it is in my daughter's closet and it is dark out it will have to wait.  Besides, I'm pretty sure it was a fail.  We can't get it on Eleanor, so we are going to see if it would go one over her head with her arms up.  Otherwise, we are going to see if it fits Laurel.  

Anyways... I decided I would post some fun pictures instead.

I've been wanting to make myself some more pajamas since I basically live in them.  So I bought a book full of pajama patterns.  I had a vintage nightgown that I had been saving for such an occasion and made a pair.  Yuck.  They work but I don't like that the waist is super extra high and I didn't want to figure out how alter the pattern to make me happy.  The result is that I broke down and bought me some pajamas.  One of those pairs has piggies on it.

I also realized that both of my girls also have pajamas with piggies on them.  Photo op!

The sad part is that this is the only day (unless I buy Eleanor new piggy pajamas) that we will all three wear our piggies.  We noticed that they were a bit on the smallish side on Eleanor.

On the craftier side, I did shorten and hem my new pajamas!

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