Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Days Like When I Was Young

This week my family and my mother in law were supposed to go on vacation.  Plans changed when my mother in law fell and broke her arm on our first day at the campground.  It was really disappointing since we don't get to travel much, other than visiting family.  So this is our one big trip for the year.  Instead of camping, hiking, and site seeing we are spending our days at my grandparents' house like I did when I was little.  It is nice for the girls to spend more time with them.  Grandma is always busy cooking something super yummy.  We even went down to the river for big franks (vegetarian hot dogs) and s'mores.  Only my sister and I went swimming although Eleanor did try out the water but it was too cold for her.  Today, Michael is visiting his mom.  My biggest regret is that she won't get to spend much time with the girls now.  Most of the time we stay with my family since they have room for us and my mom doesn't work so they also take Eleanor for extended periods of time.  I really wish we could devote more time to Virginia but she is so busy and lives in an apartment.  It makes me feel bad, like we are neglecting her and choosing my family over her, which isn't the case.  Hopefully we can find a way she can see the girls more.  But on the bright side we did get to try out the Blue Palm's frozen yogurt in College Place and it was super tasty.

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