Friday, July 8, 2011

Time is all mine

After a super crazy day, I finally have time to rest.  All day I was going crazy trying to finish making four dolls using the pattern by  I love it!  So cute.  The idea came to me Wednesday night.  'Hey, Eleanor is going to be going camping this week and the other little girls in the family will be there too.  I should make each one a special doll!'  Yes, I'm nuts.  So as fast I can I have been sewing and cutting and trying to make my embroidery machine do what I want it to do. I had until 4:00 this afternoon to get them done and get Eleanor packed to go with the grandparents.  I almost did it.  I only had the hair on two dolls left to sew on.  Only twenty minutes of work left and I didn't make it.  Oh well.  I got my sister to do it for me tomorrow on the way to the coast.  I wish I had gotten a picture of them.  They are so cute!  I hope the girls really enjoy time.  Eleanor seemed to.  She kept wanting to play with them and wouldn't stop calling them 'bear'.  I guess to her any stuffed toy is a bear.

This is only the second time Eleanor has been away from home for so long.  Every time I see her little empty bed, chair or a lonely toy I start to cry.  Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.  Last time she stayed with the grandparents my sister came to stay with me so I had company.  At least, I will be busy getting the house clean and prepping for the very eventful weekend next weekend.  We have having Laurel dedicated and celebrating Eleanor's second birthday.

I really should try to get some sleep before Laurel wakes up.  Maybe tonight Michael will take care of her so that we can try to get her to sleep through the night again.  Here's hoping.

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